Jared, Age 14
Blue Belt
Training for 2 Years


I started taking up karate because I stopped playing baseball and needed something to occupy my time.  My dad said that I needed something to do so I didn’t sit on the couch all the time.  At first he had to force me to come to class and to sparring.  Then I remember the time that I was taking a test with another student and he was testing for the belt above me, so we were just one level apart.  The next thing I know he was ready to test for 2nd level Green and I was not ready to move to 1st level Green to keep pace with him.  From that moment on I increased my intensity and vowed that I would be promoted soon and catch him.

Lately, I have begun to be an assistant to help teach the kids class and have really enjoyed myself.  Sparring continues to be my favorite as it allows me to practice various moves in a real fight.  Since I am extra big for my age and have very long legs, I especially like to do a round house kick. My goal would be to be a Black Belt before I head off to college.  All of the instructors are great to learn from.

Ofelio, Adult
2nd Degree Brown Belt
Training for 4 Years

As a little kid my passion was soccer but I always wanted to be a Black Belt.  Now as an adult, I have found that karate has changed me.  I have become much calmer, look at things much differently.  Karate is not just about fighting or being able to defend yourself.  It changed me as a person.

So far I have not had to use my skills to defend myself but I do believe that having others know that I am a student in karate has prevented things from happening.  In my family only my brother and I study karate.  My goal is to become a Black Belt.


Claude, Adult
1st Degree Green Belt
Training for 4 Years

Justin, Age 12
Blue Belt
Training for 4 Years

  I come with my son Justin twice a week for the Teen Class and he studies while I take the adults class right after.  Justin loves to spar, and when he was 10 he took 1st place in a tournament. Here is a quote from Justin “he loves all the wild moves and if I ever get kidnapped, I could destroy the dude”.

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