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In Memory of Jon Green

The father of one of our students has passed away.  We keep his family in our hearts and prayers.


The Georgion Method of Kenpo Kung Fu is patterned after the American Kenpo Founder Great Grand Master Edmund Parker. The system is characterized by the use of quick rapid hand movements.  It is a system geared around self-defense, and derrived from roots in Southern Chinese Kung Fu Systems.

Mr. Parker was introduced to the foundations of this system in Hawaii where he was raised, and over the years has introduced significant modifications including Principles, Theories and concepts of motion.

Prokenpo Martial Arts was founded in 1988 under the direction of Master Thomas Georgion.  Master Georgion has spent over 4 decades in the development of the laws, principal and concepts governing the motion of the human body. The mission of the Georgion Method of Kenpo Kung Fu aims to give its students a deeper understanding of the roots of Kenpo Kung Fu.

Regular Classes Specialized Classes
  • Kenpo Kung Fu
  • Chinese methods of fighting with and without weapons
  • Mok-Gar Kung Fu Body Techniques
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  • Qi Gong
  • Iron Palm
  • Hand Conditioning
  • Tai Chi
  • Women's Self Defense
The above classes are offered by appointment only. If you are interested in learning these additional techniques please talk to a black belt instructor.

Class Options

  1. Introductory Package: New students -- take advantage of 4 one-on-one private lessons with a black belt instructor. Through this unique experience you can get a feel for the school and the teaching methods to see if ProKenpo is a fit for you. Cost is $40 per person for (4) 1/2 hour lessons per week.

  2. Free Class: Not sure if you’re ready for a full commitment to Kenpo classes? Here’s an easy way to find out. Click the button below to receive one free pass to check us out. Experience a group lesson.

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