I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has attended, judged or competed at the San Diego Grand Internationals for the past 16 years.

It has been my honor to have shared this experience with everyone.

Due to the large number of tournaments available, we at SDGI are going to take this year off to reevaluate how our tournament has been put together and see if it can be improved to meet the changing needs of the competitor, judges and spectators.

If we feel that this can be accomplished we will return next year as a stronger and more competitive tournament.  Again thank you all for your support.

Master Tom Georgion
San Diego Grand Internationals

The Georgion Method of Kenpo Kung Fu is patterned after the American Kenpo Founder Great Grand Master Edmund Parker. The system is characterized by the use of quick rapid first movements.  It is a system geared around self-defense, and derrived from roots in Southern Chinese Kung Fu Systems.

Mr. Parker was introduced to the foundations of this system in Hawaii where he was raised, and over the years has introduced significant modifications including Principles, Theories and concepts of motion. Prokenpo Martial Arts was founded in 1988 under the direction of Master Thomas Georgion.  Master Georgion has spent over 4 decades in the development of the laws, principal and concepts governing the motion of the human body.The mission of the Georgion Method of Kenpo Kung Fu aims to give its students a deeper understanding of the roots of Kenpo Kung Fu.

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